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Did you think this were all deals? Absolutely not! There are many other shops who compete in Singles Day with a nice discount. We put these offers in an overview. Especially for you.

Benefit now Singles Day

What is Singles Day and what kind of deals can you expect to find? Read on to find out more about the biggest discount shopping day of the year.

What is Singles Day?

Singles Day is originally an anti-Valentine’s day which is invented in China in the 1990s and is also known as National Single Day in England. This singles day is celebrated on the 11th of November!

In recent years, this feast day is dominated by shopping. And if we talk about shopping, we mean shopping with very high discounts.  This comes from Alibaba. This is the largest online store in the world. You probably already know them.  Or you may have heard or shopped at AliExpres, which is a sister of Alibaba.

Since 2009 they hook in on Singles Day (also called or known as Global Shopping Festival). They try to entice the singles, but of course also the not singles, to make online purchases at low prices that are only available on this specific day. You can also benefit from this from England. Because you can shop online at these Chinese webshops. But there are also more and more webshops in England who pick up on this Singles Day with daily offers with high discounts. Just 24 hours. Make sure you’re there on time.

History Happy Singles Day

This day for the singles is conceived in the 1990’s by a few students, which were single ofcourse. Four men, four singles. Because of the one child policy whereby China received tens of millions of single men. This is why the four men devised a kind of anti-Valentine’s day. The date they chose was November 11th, or 11-11. These four men saw four ones in a row. And so a day was born when singles in China celebrate their independence. Usually they do that in a karaoke bar.

But that’s not all, because since a few years, this day for the Bachelorette is also in the sign of treats. Treats for themselves. And that is the result of the shop Alibaba. In China they don’t celebrate Christmas. So making this an ideal time to entice the Chinese people to buy something for themselves, with extremely high discounts, on this specific day. This has ensured that this is the greatest day in shopping in the world. And the sales on this day are even seen as the barometer of China’s economy

Singles Day 2016

Singles Day 2016 broke all records in the field of online sales. The sales in China were 13.8 billion euros in total. On this Singles Day in 2016 converted more than Black Friday and Cyber Monday together. These 2 days are the top days in America when it comes to the December sell for Christmas. And to put it all a little bit in the right perspective: on this one day a year Alibaba sold more than people in Holland buy online in a whole year. In the days before november 11th, it was already possible to put the stuff you want to buy in the webshop of Alibaba in the shopping card already. So you could already shop around in advance. So then you knew exactly what you wanted to buy on Singles Day. On the day itself, you only had to pay and profit from the big discounts. Super smart and relaxed at Alibaba. In this way they could breake a few records in the first minutes after midnight. Because everybody only had to buy the stuff they reserved in the shopping baskets. Very easy!

Singles Day UK

It’s actually a Chinese discount fest with Singles Day, but also in the UK it is going on. Many bargain hunters are shopping around on this day on Ali Express. In 2016 there weren’t so many webshops who joined the discount fest yet. But it is expected that it will become bigger and bigger the next few years. More and more webshops with deals, discounts, discount codes, promotions and offers are expected. In 2016 there were a few how joined, for example ASOS. The Singles Day 2017 edition is probably going to be a lot bigger

Happy Singles Day

Happy Singles Day is a term they also use sometimes for this day. The official name in China is Singles Day, but with the word Happy it sure sounds a little merrier. But when they talk about it, they mean exactly the same day. Let that just be clear.

When is Singles Day?

That is very simple. The day of the singles is always on the 11th of November. This means that SinglesDay will fall on the next day in the week the coming years:

  • Singles Day 2017 was on Saturday, November 11th
  • Singles Day 2018 was on Sunday, November 11th
  • Singles Day 2019 was on Monday, November 11th
  • Singles Day 2020 is on Wednesday, November 11th
  • Singles Day 2021 is on Thursday, November 11th
  • Singles Day 2020 is on Friday, November 11th

Singles Day discount

What is there for sale with discount on this day, in these 24 hours? On the day itself, SinglesDay, you can find an overview of the best deals of the day. Just keep an eye on this page on Singles Day itself.