When is Singles Day?

Singles Day is celebrated on the same date, every year, namely on the 11th of November. As a result of this, Singles Day falls each year on another day in the week. But it is very easy to determine when it’s Singles Day for the next few years. Singles Day is also called Bachelor’s Day.

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Singles Day 2022

In 2022 the 11th of November is a Friday. This means that Singles Day 2022 is on Friday the 11th of November. This is probably an ideal day of the week, because the chance that you have some spare time is big, because it’s weekend. This gives you a lot of time to view the Singles Day deals and offers. So you can take advantage of the great offers in the different shops in the UK.

Why the 11th of November?

That is quite easy to explain. The date, November 11th or 11/11 is chosen because the number 1 resembles that an individual person is alone: a single person. 2 times the number 1 symbolize 2 individuals, finding each other and being together on one side of the special date. And 2 times 11 symbolize a celebration of 2 or more different and separate couples. Each comprising two single individuals finding each other on this special date in November: 11/11.

Singles Day the next few years

  • Singles Day 2016 was on Friday 11 November
  • Singles Day 2017 was on Saturday 11 November
  • Singles Day 2018 was on Sunday 11 November
  • Singles Day 2019 was on Monday 11 November
  • Singles Day 2020 was on Wednesday 11 November
  • Singles Day 2021 was on Thursday 11 November
  • Singles Day 2022 falls on Friday 11 November

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